Course Description:

EDAD 513FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION This course is designed for students seeking principal and/or special education director certification and is designed to provide a comprehensive discussion about the field of educational administration and the process of building a strong foundation of research-based administrative practices. Course content provides a problem-based approach through which students will address critical and contemporary issues. The course focuses on theories of educational administration; organization of American schools; local, state, and federal influences on education; political, social, and legal structures that impact education policy; and school administration ethics as well as current topics in educational administration, including the impact of technology. Explanations and scrutiny of various state and federal programs i.e. Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, ESL, Migrant, Gifted and Talented, Title I, Title II, Title IV, and Title IX career/vocational programs are incorporated in this course. This course includes a 15-hour field experience designed to give students real-life experiences with their mentor in the specific areas of content listed in the description.