Course Description:

EDCL 211 TEACHING FIELD EXPERIENCE I This is an initial field experience to be taken at the beginning of the student’s pre-service teacher education program. This 30 clock-hour field experience should be completed within the grade levels of the certification being sought. Students will begin to develop an experiential foundation through a combination of classroom observations, dialogue with practicing teachers, working with children as tutors or in small groups, etc. Students will successfully create and present a minimum of one lesson to K-12 students under the supervision of the K-12 classroom teacher and the university supervisor. The field location will be assigned by the Director of Field Experiences from a list of approve districts in order to insure the quality of field experiences in diverse settings. Co-requisite: Concurrent enrollment in EDUC 210 and current Family Care Safety Registry background check (see catalog section on Background Checks for Field Experience and Student Teaching for additional information). Note: Some districts may also require current tuberculosis (TB) test results for placement. CPT form required for F-1 international students. One Hour, Fall, Spring