Course Description:

EDMS 463/563 MIDDLE SCHOOL: CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION, AND CLINICAL EXPERIENCE This course is designed to acquaint students with methods of instruction currently used in the middle school setting in the appropriate subject areas. Based on the understanding and knowledge of the middle school curriculum and theories of instruction, the student will be able to utilize appropriate methods and assessments to produce an interdisciplinary thematic unit that will meet the many needs of diverse learners. A 30 clock-hour field experience is included in the scope of this course. Students taking this course for graduate credit must complete all graduate course requirements. Prerequisites: EDUC 213 and EDUC 303. Co-requisite: Current Family Care Safety Registry background check (see catalog section on Background Checks for Field Experience and Student Teaching for additional information). Note: Some districts may also require current tuberculosis (TB) test results for placement. CPT form required for F-1 international students. Three Hours, Spring