Course Description:

EDPS 453/553 THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD This course stresses the study and identification of the physical, psychological, social, and educational needs of special needs children. Attention is given to differences in growth and development of individual children as well as group differences, in addition to appropriate modifications of the educational process. This course will also explore cultural and linguistic diversity and the needs of gifted and talented students. Prerequisites: PSYC 133 and PSYC 313, PSYC 333, or PSYC 343 for all students except those majoring in Music Education. Prerequisite for Music Education majors: PSYC 133 and MUED 313. Open to teachers, or prospective teachers, and Psychology or Behavioral Science majors. Students taking this course for graduate credit must complete all graduate course requirements. Three Hours, Fall, Spring, Summer




(PSYC133LEC AND PSYC313LEC) OR ( Major=Music Education AND PSYC133LEC AND EDPS383LEC AND (MUED313LEC OR MUED323LEC)) OR (( Major=Behavioral Science OR Major=Psychology) AND PSYC133LEC AND 3 Credits From List [PSYC313LEC,PSYC333LEC,PSYC343LEC]