Course Description:

EDSP 453/553 TEACHING REMEDIAL MATH K-12: SEMINAR AND FIELD EXPERIENCE (Three Hours) This course is designed to analyze the recurring error patterns of students as they process mathematical skills and demonstrate the relationships between and among mathematical ideas. The course will address mental computation, estimation, alternative algorithms, creating, inventing and constructing numerical methods which give meaning to operations with numbers and other techniques which will remediate the K-12 student in mathematical competencies. Students will become competent in applying assessment strategies for the improvement of student learning. A study of state mandated assessment is included. The course is directed to both the undergraduate and graduate level student. For graduate credit, an action research project pertinent to mathematical remediation must be designed, implemented and analyzed during the course. This course is required for those seeking certification in middle school and secondary mathematics, early childhood education, elementary education, early childhood special education, and special education: cross-categorical disabilities, K-12. Students taking this course for graduate credit must complete all graduate course requirements. This course cannot be taken as a Directed Study. Prerequisites for candidates seeking initial teacher certification: EDUC 203 and EDUC 303; prerequisite/co-requisite: ECTA 323, EDPS 453/553 and either ELED 433/533 or EDMS 473/573.




(EDUC203SFE AND EDUC303LEC AND 3 Credits From List [ELED433SFE,ELED533SFE,EDMS473WEB,EDMS573WEB]) OR ( Major=Curriculum and Instruction: MSE (Online) OR Major=Curriculum and Instruction: MSE (Traditional))