Course Description:

ECSP 413/513 TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES: SEMINAR AND FIELD EXPERIENCE (Three Hours) This course will examine the various physical, cognitive, social, and emotional disabilities with regard to children birth through grade three. Students will also explore and demonstrate competency in the following topics and/or issues: Developing and implementing specialized intervention strategies for children with sensory and/or physical impairments, identifying appropriate methods for planning and implementing instruction in a variety of service delivery models for young children with disabilities, and identifying instructional and guidance procedures for integrating children with and without disabilities. Identify and plan curriculum for young children with disabilities, identify and apply principles of behavior support and management and appropriate self-management behaviors in young children, identify and apply teaching strategies and methods for young children with disabilities. The students will participate in a 30-clock hour field experience in an Early Childhood Special Education pre-kindergarten setting. Students taking this course for graduate credit will be required to complete all undergraduate assignments plus successfully complete a graduate action research project. Co-requisite: Current Family Care Safety Registry background check (see bulletin section on Background Checks for Field Experience and Student Teaching for additional information). Note: Some districts may also require current tuberculosis (TB) test results for placement. For those seeking initial certification, prerequisites: EDUC 203, EDUC 303, ECTA 323, and ECSP 403/503. For certified teachers, prerequisite: ECSP 403/503. CPT form required for F-1 international students.




(3 Credits From List [ECSP403SFE,ECSP403WEB,ECSP503SFE,ECSP503WEB]) OR ((Major=Curriculum and Instruction: MSE (Online) AND MSEPREREQ) OR (Major=Curriculum and Instruction: MSE (Traditional) AND MSEPREREQ) OR (Major=PBC: Early Childhood Special Ed Birth - Grade 3 AND EDUC203SFE AND EDUC303LEC AND (ECSP403WEB OR ECSP503WEB)))