Course Description:

EDUC 683 ETHICAL ISSUES FOR SCHOOL LEADERS (Three Hours) This course focuses on ethics and moral reasoning in the education environment. The majority of all decision-making processes that impact education involve ethical considerations. Therefore, the course will examine learning theories through applied research which has been developed to analyze ethical issues that affect the organizational environments of education settings. Technological applications, peer-reviewed journal articles, and case studies will be used to practically apply the ethical lens to organizational situations, logical decision making, and rational, ethical arguments. It is important for teachers, curriculum specialists, and administrators to develop skills in organizational analysis and to understand the moral and ethical obligation that they have to consider the ramifications of any decision that they make and any action that they take, no matter how minimal. Through the examination of major “ethics” studies and theories, the graduate student will develop sensitivity to ethical issues of a contemporary society through a series of in-basket and scenario activities. This course cannot be taken as a directed study.