Course Description:

EDAD 503 INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION COMMUNICATIONS (Three Hours) This course will cover comprehensive communications principles and the spectrum of forces that a building principal encounters in the performance of the duties and responsibilities of this important building-level leadership role. The course will expose the graduate student to the importance of written and oral communications skills needed to be effective when dealing with internal and external forces that include, but are not limited to, individuals, school groups, community leaders and stakeholders, radio, television, newspaper, and other publications. The importance of proper writing skills will be reviewed and in-class writing practice will be emphasized. Each graduate student will develop a building-level marketing strategy and plan model, write letters and memos for a variety of school building scenarios, and role play a variety of sensitive school building issues i.e. school violence, student tragedy, media interviews, etc. There will be an emphasis on models of communications, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, team-building, collaboration, and policy and procedure development.