Course Description:

GRED 673CI PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO AND FIELD EXPERIENCE: C & I (Three Hours) The student will complete a professional portfolio that will include both artifacts and reflections. The portfolio will serve as a professional resource that can be used as a practical guide for the teacher-leader or administrator in his/her school context. The student will demonstrate scholarship through the development and completion of an action-research project that can be applied to the student’s current school setting. While the field experience (90 hours) focuses on the action research project, the student may also be involved in district level activities designated by the supervisor. Specific guidance in the preparation of the portfolio is provided in the Missouri Baptist University portfolio/internship manual for the Specialists Degree. The portfolio must be completed and scored before the degree is conferred. This course cannot be taken as a directed study. CPT form required for F-1 international students. This course is designed for students in the Curriculum and Instruction track.