Course Description:

BUSN 503 EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS AND BUSINESS LITERACY (Three Hours) As the first course in the MBA program, BUSN 503 introduces students to the foundational principles of business and orients students to Blackboard and university resources. Foundations included in the course: executive communications (stresses the theory and practice of both oral and written communication forms used in business organizations illustrated by cases); introduction to Business Economics, Finance, Accounting and Marketing (through online primers); basic Office functionality (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); and basic research tools and skills. Students must enroll in BUSN 503 as the first course in their MBA program and may take one additional course simultaneously. Students who do not have a business background or strengths in quantitative analysis are strongly discouraged from taking ACCT 503, BUSN 523, or ECON 503 simultaneously with BUSN 503. This course is delivered in an online format ONLY and must be the first course taken by new MBA students. This course cannot be taken as a directed study.