Course Description:

ELAD 533 THE ROLE OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATOR AS SUPERVISOR – ELEMENTARY: SEMINAR AND FIELD EXPERIENCE (Three Hours) This course is designed for students seeking Education Administration certification. The course provides students with the opportunity and responsibility to examine and experience elementary building level school administration from a supervisory perspective. A clear vision of learning on which the students will build an organizational framework based on their philosophical and ethical viewpoints of school administration and leadership will be part of the course. Through coursework, readings in contemporary professional literature, and a 15-hour field experience, and written reflections, students will learn about elementary-level administrative supervision relative to historical perspectives, current trends, legal issues, personnel matters, human resources, practical application, time management, and developing a personal vision and plan for school supervision. The roles of teacher leadership and the principal as an instructional leader will also be examined. Students will have an opportunity to share supervision experiences and expectations from a district wide perspective to gain insight and understanding of how effective building level supervision can enhance the overall operation of the district/organization.