Course Description:

ENGL 333C AMERICAN LITERATURE III (1945-Present) The course provides a study of American poetry, fiction, and drama from the end of World War II to the present. In this period, America entered a new literary era marked by the rise of postmodernism, southern fiction, minority and women writers, experimental styles, and activism. The course will survey various poetry groups, including the Black Mountain poets, Beats, Confessional poets, Deep Imagists, ecological poets, language poets, and haikuists. In fiction, students will study realist fiction, the New Romanticism, regional fiction, metafiction, and minority fiction. Among the dramatists to be examined are Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, August Wilson, and David Henry Hwang. Emphasis is both on the texts and on the social, historical, philosophical, and Christian influences on America’s contemporary literature. Prerequisite: ENGL 203 or consent of instructor. Three Hours, Fall, Odd Years