Course Description:

ENGL 453/553 HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE The course content covers the internal development of the English language from its roots in Indo-European to Modern English as currently written and spoken in the world. Building upon the literary backgrounds of British, American, and world literature, the student will examine the linguistic changes in the context of external, historical, and cultural circumstances. Prerequisites: ENGL 203, and completion of six hours of the ENGL 333 sequence or completion of six hours of the ENGL 353 sequence, or consent of instructor. Students taking this course for graduate credit must complete all graduate course requirements. Three hours, Fall, Odd years




ENGL203LEC AND ( 6 Credits From List [ENGL333ALEC,ENGL333BLEC,ENGL333CLEC] OR 6 Credits From List [ENGL353ALEC,ENGL353BLEC])