Course Description:

EMCL 473-478/483-488 STUDENT TEACHING: MIDDLE SCHOOL Student teaching currently consists of two eight-week teaching experiences taken consecutively and conducted in two separate settings and in two separate grade levels in an appropriate classroom setting in a state or nationally accredited public or private school and under the supervision of an experienced and qualified cooperating teacher. Effective with the 2014-2105 academic year, students seeking certification in a single content area will complete one sixteen-week teaching experience. Students seeking certification at more than one level (K-12) or in more than one content area must student teach twelve weeks at one level or content area and four weeks at the other at a level or content area as approved by the Dean of Education or Director of Field Experiences. This field experience enables students to practice and develop the pedagogical skills necessary to meet the Missouri performance standards for teacher certification. After being formally admitted to the Teacher Education program, certification candidates must apply to student teach. The final decision regarding placement will be left to the discretion of the Director of Field Experiences in order to insure the quality of student teaching experiences in diverse settings. Candidates are required to complete their student teaching experience in the grade level(s) and subject area(s) for which they are seeking certification. Application for Student Teaching must be made to the Education Office by the end of the second week of the Fall semester for Spring Student Teaching and by the end of the second week of the Spring semester for Fall Student Teaching. Specific information about student teaching may be obtained from the Student Teaching Manual. Prerequisites: No undergraduate degree-seeking candidate will be allowed to student teach without having passed all sections of C-BASE or MoGEA. Both undergraduate and graduate students must be formally admitted into the Teacher Education Program, must have completed all education courses, and be approved by the Education Division prior to student teaching. Co-requisites: 1. Current Family Care Safety Registry background check (see catalog section on Background Checks for Field Experience and Student Teaching for additional information); 2. Successful completion of the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA); 3. Passing score on the content area exit assessment(s) (Praxis II exam) in the certification area(s) for which the student is being recommended; and 4. Satisfactory Formative Evaluations and a satisfactory Summative Evaluation for the student teaching experience. Some districts may also require a valid Missouri substitute certificate and/or current tuberculosis (TB) test results for placement. CPT form required for F-1 international students. A Student Teaching Fee is charged for this course. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Portfolio Credit for Student Teaching: Students desiring to petition for credit for a portion of their student teaching experience must have a minimum of two years of classroom instructional experience in the grade level and/or subject area for which they are seeking certification in order to apply. The experience must be in a public or accredited private school and must be concurrent with enrollment in the Teacher Education Program. To determine eligibility, the student must first complete a CPL conference with the Education Division Dean or his/her designee at least one semester prior to the anticipated student teaching semester. Students must be fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program and have passed the student teaching interview before CPL credit may be awarded. Variable credit, three to twelve hours; students must complete the equivalent of 16 weeks/12 credit hours of student teaching before being recommended for certification. Three to Twelve Hours, Fall, Spring