Course Description:

EDAD 573 – Educational Administration Capstone Semester Hours: Three This is the culminating course for the Master of Education Administration degree. In this course the candidate will (1) complete the MEA program and DESE required 300 clock hours of K-12 internship, (2) prepare for the state-required content exam if it has not been taken and passed prior to enrolling in this course (MoCA 072 – Building Level Administrator), and (3) complete the DESE required MPEA Performance Assessment for Administrators (A passing score is not required for graduation but it is required for certification from the state.) A fee of $50.00 above the typical course fee is required for this course, which goes to pay for a second MPEA scorer and to the MPEA organization. Students taking the Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) exam 072 Building Level Administrator will be assessed a fee set by the testing agency, which is not included in this course and is the responsibility of the student. The student will receive a grade for the course at the end of the semester regardless of whether the student has passed the state-required assessments. The grade will be based on the quality of the internship, in-class content, in-class participation and attendance, and the quality of MPEA assessment completed in class. The student may satisfy Missouri Baptist University degree requirements without having passed the state-required content assessment and/or the MPEA performance but the quality MPEA assessment may be a significant portion of this determination. This course cannot be taken as a directed study. CPT form required for F-1 international students. SPECIAL COURSE FEE: $50.00 Co-requisite: EDAS MPEA - MPEA Performance Assessment for Administrators is a zero credit hour co-requisite to EDAD 573 Educational Administration Capstone. Passing score for EDAS MPEA is not required for graduation. It is required for certification from the state, DESE.