Course Description:

BUSN 353 COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES IN BUSINESS This course focuses on both communication strategies and tools which directly apply to today’s business environment, including communication within and between business organizations, as well as with all business stakeholders. Students will apply business writing principles to the creation of effective business documents and oral presentations as well as the communication techniques for social media platforms. Students will also be exposed to typical business communication tools, with emphasis on the Microsoft Office Suite and the integration of these tools into both formal and informal communication. Emphasis is placed on using critical thinking skills to analyze and solve business problems. This course includes the study and application of team communication and the use of technology to facilitate the communication process. Additionally, the fundamentals of professional decorum, etiquette, and communication across cultures will be incorporated. Prerequisites: BCIS 203, ENGL113, ENGL123, and Junior standing. Three hours, Fall, Spring




(ENGL113WEB AND ENGL123WEB AND ( College Level=Junior OR College Level=Senior)) OR ( Major=PBC: Business Education 5-9 OR Major=PBC: Business Education 9-12) AND BCIS203WEB