Course Description:

ENGL 443 SENIOR RESEARCH SEMINAR IN ENGLISH This is the capstone course for English majors and an elective for those obtaining a Writing Certificate in English, allowing students to develop, refine, and master research methods including documentation style, analysis, and synthesis of sources. This course will integrate their educational experiences with a written research project or thesis relevant to their concentration area. Prerequisites: for English major ENGL 123, ENGL 203, ENGL 283, ENGL 403, and ENGL 413; for Writing Certificate ENGL 123, ENGL 203, and 6 hours from the Writing Certificate elective courses or consent of the instructor. Three hours, Fall, Odd years.




(( Major=English OR Major=English - Secondary Ed with Certification) AND (ENGL123LEC AND ENGL203LEC AND ENGL283LEC)) OR (( Major=Writing Certificate in English AND ENGL123.LEC) AND ( 6 Credits From List [ENGL403LEC,ENGL413LEC,ENGL433LEC,COEN223LEC,COEN323LEC,COMJ433LEC,COMT353LEC])) OR (( Major=Certification Only-Graduate OR Major=Certification Only-Undergraduate OR Major=Classroom Teaching: MAT (Online) OR Major=Classroom Teaching: MAT (Traditional)) AND (ENGL123LEC AND ENGL283LEC))