Course Description:

ESAD 573 INTERNSHIP IN DIVERSE SETTINGS AND PORTFOLIO – SECONDARY (Three Hours) This course is one of the focal courses of the Educational Administration certification program in that it provides an important internship component and is the terminal course of the student’s program. The purposes are to examine traditional and contemporary practices in developing positive relationships with the school population, the community, and the public and to assist the students in the successful completion of their culminating internship and professional portfolio. During the course, the students will participate in a field experience to explore various school climates and study the ramifications of effective and ineffective school climates. The Professional Portfolio component is the vehicle for the documentation of the student’s achievement of competency in the ISLLC/MOSTEP School Leader’s standards. Class meetings for ESAD 573 will be delivered in four (4) Saturday sessions scheduled throughout each semester. Students will enroll for the course at the beginning of their program of study. The third meeting will include a personal interview and preview of their portfolio to be scheduled at the end of their coursework and immediately prior to their internship. The final meeting will be a face-to-face interview session with a committee from the Education Division during which the student will communicate verbally and via the completed portfolio evidences of their competency in the standards. There is a $50.00 lab fee required for this course. This course is offered on the Main campus only and fulfills three (3) of the six (6) hours of the residency requirement for Educational Administration.