Course Description:

ETOP 423/523 CLASSROOM AND BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT This course is a study of the underlying causes of school violence and students being at-risk for school failure at the elementary and secondary school level, as well as a study of the theories and research-based practices that can be used to establish a positive learning environment for all. Topics include: 1) identifying at-risk students; 2) building a positive learning community; 3) teaching social skills and internal behavior management strategies to decrease discipline problems; 4) investigating theories of behavior and discipline; 5) developing proactive classroom management techniques, and culturally responsive instructional and behavioral strategies to decrease disruptive behavior; 6) making the classroom and school safe for students and staff. Prerequisites: EDPS 383, EDPS 453/553, EDUC 203, and EDUC 303 (or MUED 313 or 323 for Music Education majors). *This course is required for all education majors. **This course must be completed before Student Teaching will be allowed. Students taking this course for graduate credit must complete all graduate course requirements. This course may not be taken as a Directed Study, credit for prior learning portfolio or as a web course if it is to be used as part of the Master of Arts in Counseling requirements. Three Hours, Fall, Spring, Summer




(EDUC203SFE AND EDUC303LEC AND EDPS383LEC AND (EDPS453LEC OR EDPS553LEC)) OR (( Major=Music Education OR Major=PBC: Music - Instrumental K-12 OR Major=PBC: Music - Vocal K-12) AND EDUC203SFE AND EDPS383LEC AND (EDPS453LEC OR EDPS553LEC) AND (MUED313LEC OR MUED323LEC))